Two synchronized black and white videos with sound, 12:20 min, looped. 

Voice: Scott Diskin. Performer: João Leonardo. 

Two 4:3 video monitors, four speakers, two DVD players. Text by Lucas Samaras originally published in: Lucas Samaras, "Another Autointerview," in Samaras Album; Autointerview, Autobiography, Autopolaroid, New York: Whitney Museum of American Art and Pace Editions, 1971, pp 5-7

This work is based on a text written in 1971 by the Greek-born American artist Lucas Samaras, were the artist interviews himself.  The piece is an interpretation of this text, presented as a double-monitor sculpture, with two black and white synchronized videos of the artist asking questions (on the top monitor) and answering (on the monitor underneath). The text is a long reflection on art, human relations and the meaning of life.

Photos: Terje Östling

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Review by Maria do Mar Fazenda