Installation view in New York of the work One Letter From Sol LeWitt, by João Leonardo, 2004

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One letter from Sol Le Witt

Featured music: Princess written and composed by Moby, B-side of the single Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, Mute Records, UK, 1999

DV-video Pal, 4:3, color, sound, 8:30 min

This work is an animation video based on an excerpt of a letter that Sol LeWitt wrote to Eva Hesse, featuring a soundtrack by Moby. 
Curator statement from the exhibition Stream, White Box, New York, by João Silvério

João Leonardo presents One Letter From Sol LeWitt, 2004, in the gallery’s videobox (a small show window with an LCD screen.) This 
piece, which has a strong poetic quality to it, departs from a letter Sol LeWitt wrote to Eva Hesse in 1965. Leonardo proceeds by 
working with the letter’s content, “a lengthy vote of confidence” in LeWitt’s own words. Leonardo re-utilizes the word “DO,” found 
in the original, but approximates his visual language to that of the video clip. With a song by Moby, this work distances itself from 
the promotional video it could be mistaken for by deconstructing its genesis through a dose of irony and humor that works to 
decontexualize and render it strangely appealing to its viewers.


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